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The Captain's CourseTM is a specialized course of instruction to prepare a candidate for a position as the officer in charge of a navigational watch. Classes focus on the subjects required to take and pass the U.S. Coast Guard approved examinations leading to the issuance of the Merchant Mariner's Credential (Captain's License)
The structure of the Coast Guard approved courses is explained below:

The Operator of Uninspected Vessels (OUPV)

The OUPV Inland, Great Lakes & Near Coastal (6-Pack) License lets you take 6 passengers for-hire, plus crew, on your vessel. It was designed specifically for all candidates with a focus on what they need. This makes both the learning process and the exams less stressful. (52 Classroom Hours)

Course provides instruction in:

Basic Safety and Seamanship, Rules of the Road, Chart Navigation and Piloting, Nautical Publications, Rules and Regulations, and Assistance preparing & submitting your USCG application package.


You'll be presented with the concepts and information necessary to pass our Coast Guard Approved exams. 

Your instructors will use a combination of lecture, video,  and practical demonstration to prepare you to serve as a Licensed Maritime Officer


Near Coastal Endorsement for OUPV

Great Lakes time can be counted for 100% of the required sea time.  A Near Coastal License allows you to operate up to 100 miles offshore.

Additional Requirements for License:

    1.  Current First Aid/CPR certification (Less than 1 year old)

        This course can be taken on an additional day for $85.00 (Discount available for current students)

    2.  DOT approved 5 panel drug test (urinalysis)

        Students receive discounted membership in the Chicago Maritime Group

        (A DOT/USCG compliant drug testing consortium)

    3.  Physical Examination documented on new USCG form. 

         (Physical less than 1 year old)

         We have contracted with Premier Occupational Health to provide this service to our students for a special reduced rate.

    4.  Sea Service letters.  We will assist you in preparing or acquiring these.

    5.  TWIC card

    6.  CG-719B form - Application for Merchant License


Sea Service Requirements:

    1.  360 days on vessels

    2.  At least 90 days of the 360 must be on the Great Lakes or license will be limited to

        Inland Waters, other than Great Lakes


Additional Student Materials:

    1.  Notebook paper

    2.  Post-It notes and tabs

    3.  Note cards

    4.  Writing and note-taking items (Pens, pencils, hi-liter, eraser, etc)

    5.  a) Small calculator or b) nautical slide rule

    6.  A set of 15" parallel rules and a set of navigation dividers (Can be purchased at class location).



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