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The structure of the Coast Guard approved courses is explained below:

Towing Assistance Endorsement

This assistance towing endorsement is a provision added to an OUPV or Master's license. An Assistance Towing Endorsement is designed for boat captains who would like to be able to tow disabled vessel for a fee. Captains are required by the USCG to hold an Assistance Towing Endorsement on their license to be able to assist vessels that have run aground, are disabled, or have run out of fuel.

Auxiliary Sail Endorsement

This endorsement is required by any captains in charge of an inspected sailing vessel. This means the vessel is approved to carry more than six passengers with at least one for hire.

Additional Requirements for License:

    1.  CG-719B form - Application for merchant license with request for endorsement

    2. One 20 question exam for each endorsement with 70% to pass.


Sea Service Requirements:

    1.  Sailing endorsement requires that 180 days of the 360 be aboard sailing vessels

    2.  At least 90 days of the 360 must be on the Great Lakes or license will be limited to

        Inland Waters, other than Great Lakes


Additional Student Materials:

    1.  Notebook paper

    2.  Post-It notes and tabs

    3.  Note cards

    4.  Writing and note-taking items (Pens, pencils, hi-liter, eraser, etc)




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