St. Clair Marine Services

Marine Surveys
We provide marine surveys for commercial and recreational vessels. The services vary depending on the size, condition and use of the vessel. You would use our services when you need to conduct a detailed inspection of a vessel for the purpose of determining its current condition and seaworthiness. In particular to determine if the vessel is safe to use in conditions for which it was designed and if maintenance and repairs are required or are likely to be required in the near future. We can inspect and appraise most vessels including boats, yachts, tugs and barges. Each vessel is unique and fees can vary. Please call for a quote or visit us online.

Compliance Assistance with USCG & Other Maritime Rules

Maritime Security Compliance - Facility or Vessel Security Plans & Audits

Chicago Maritime Group - Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Click Here for Chicago Maritime Group Let us manage your drug testing program, which saves you time and money from the burdens of this USCG & DOT requirement. Drug testing programs can take hours of time away from your other marine responsibilities. We maintain strict confidentiality. We can arrange to come to your location so your employee does not need to travel to a testing facility, or visit one of our coveniently located approved sites.
Services Available
Arrange Pre Employment Testing
Prepare for USCG Audit and Inspections
Maintain random pool drug testing
Schedule periodic tests and provide participation letters for USCG license renewals/upgrades
Conduct DOT post casualty drug and alcohol testing(24 hour availability)
SMI (Serious Marine Incident) drug and alcohol testing kits
Routine drug testing supplies (Quick screen saliva tests)
Alcohol testing supplies (DOT approved and quick strip)
Lab is SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) approved
Federally mandated DOT/USCG and non-regulated testing available
Samples undergo initial immunoassay screen and GC/MS (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry) confirmation.